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Innovating Science® - CO-LAB-ORATE


Product # IS4900

Working together... even when you are apart

Co·lab·orate™ is a digital lab notebook for teachers and students. Whether in class or remote, students can get their work done, and teachers can get insights into their process.

What is co·lab·orate™?

Co·lab·orate is an innovative digital lab notebook that allows teachers to easily assign lab reports to their classes, and lets their students work individually or together to complete hands-on activities that are easy to access and grade.
With Co·lab·orate, students don't have to pivot because they suddenly find themselves learning from home, they just work the way they always do!

Why Co·lab·orate™?

Co·lab·orate is packed with features that make teaching and learning easy and collaborative!

- Create new labs or import PDFs of labs you already have.

- Easily deliver assignments to all students and classes.

- Import photos, and create and edit graphs, tables, and equations.

- Access, complete, or grade hands-on activities using a mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

- Communicate with other students and teachers through comments, or work independently.

- Integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology.

What does it cost?

Our goal is to enable as many teachers and students as possible. Teachers can purchase a license for up to 150 students for only $149 per year.
That's less than $1 per student!


- Middle School

- High School

- College

- University

Check out the Co·lab·orate website now!

Innovating Science® products are For Laboratory Use Only

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