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Innovating Science® - AP® Biology Investigation #1: Artificial Selection

AP® Biology Investigation #1: Artificial Selection

Product # IS3701

Students will study the process of artificial selection using Innovating Science fast growing plants. Students will identify phenotypic differences to observe. They will then use selective cross pollination to examine the prevalence of that phenotype in successive generations. Meets AP Science Practices 2, 5, and 7, and Big Idea 1. Materials provided for 32 students in eight lab groups.

Kit Includes:
1 Bag Potting Soil
1 Bag Vermiculite
1 pkg 7 oz cups
1 pkg 5oz cups
8 Magnifiers
1 Nutrient Quick Solution to make 1 Liter
1 pkg Innovating Science Fast Growing Plant Seeds
1 pkg Cotton Swabs
1 pkg Hydroponic Wicks

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