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Aldon is a private label chemical manufacturer with a knowledgeable, experienced staff. We specialize in handling, blending, formulating, testing, packaging, and shipping custom chemicals and chemical products. Let us white label your products for you.

Private Label Lab Chemicals

Chemicals and Blends, Customized to Your Needs

  • Offering over 7,000 laboratory and industrial chemicals and blends, in over 13,000 sizes and configurations - we have what you need for your chemical blending and formulations
  • Ability to assemble custom packages of white label chemicals and equipment
  • In-house production of customized color labels for private labeling of products - save a step and design and print your chemical labels through us

Chemical Contract Research and Development

  • In-house R&D lab where we can create, formulate, and package your ideas into reality
  • Access to a wide variety of chemical compounds including cleaners, polishes, lubricants, and coatings

Chemical Filling

  • Automated, high precision bottling and filling of both powder and liquid chemicals

Service and Safety

  • Technical Service support on the proper use of Aldon white label chemicals and formulations
  • Exceptional customer service to help both you and your customer
  • Integrated electronic data interface (EDI) to accelerate your order
  • GHS Safety Data Sheets available on all chemicals, formulations, and blends


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Private Label Lab Chemicals
Private Label Lab Chemicals

Laboratory chemicals with your brand and specifications.

Chemical Contract Manufacturing
Chemical Contract Manufacturing

Chemical blending and repackaging with liquid & powder filling capabilities.

Innovating Science®<br>Educational Kits & More
Innovating Science®
Educational Kits & More

Cutting edge science for the classroom.

Custom Kitting
Custom Kitting

Kitting customized with your instructions, branded your way.

Digital Lab Notebook
Digital Lab Notebook

Enable students to work together, whether they are 6' apart or 6 streets apart.