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From biological media to freeze-dried cultures, we offer a variety of options for your life science needs.

Our unwavering commitment to advancing life science capabilities drives us to the forefront of innovation. With a passion for discovery and a dedication to improving human health and well-being, we leverage cutting-edge technology, world-class expertise, and a collaborative spirit to pioneer breakthroughs in the field of life sciences. Our mission is to make a meaningful impact on the world by pushing the boundaries of what's possible, one scientific discovery at a time.

On-site sterilization.

Pre-prepared liquid media and agar in tubes and bottles.

A variety of freeze-dried cultures.

Powdered media in a range of sizes.

A selection of antibiotic disks.

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Lab Chemicals and Private Label
Lab Chemicals and Private Label

Laboratory chemicals with your brand and specifications.

Chemical & Life Science Contract Manufacturing
Chemical & Life Science Contract Manufacturing

Chemical packaging, blending, filling, and life science capabilities.

Innovating Science®<br>Educational Kits & More
Innovating Science®
Educational Kits & More

Cutting edge science for the classroom.

Custom Kitting
Custom Kitting

Kitting customized with your instructions, branded your way.